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PHOTOS: If You Don’t Know! Morning News & Politics: Michael Jordan’s Love Child? Basketball Legend Sued For Child Support AND MORE 

From the mic to a bottle, a basketball to diapers, scripts to pacifiers, or even a suit and a tie for sweats and a stroller; singers, rappers, actors, and even politicians fall in love from time to time. Whether it be for a night or for a lifetime, some of the lover boys forget to wrap it up. 

Apparently sometimes there is no love, just lust, and sometimes it happens while married. Fame does not keep these men from spreading it far and wide. Some fathers deny their love child, while others face the music and step up to the plate.

Find out more about celebrity love children below! 

1. Actor-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked the world when it was revealed that he had an affair with his housekeeper. The housekeeper gave birth to baby boy Joseph Baena. Now, Joseph, 15, walks tall and has a striking resemblance to his father. Hopefully Hollywood comes calling. 

2. Diddy loves the kids! Diddy is very vocal about his role as a father and even went as far as to document the birth of his twin daughters with on-again off-again girlfriend Kim Porter. The only odd thing about such a beautiful thing, is Diddy didn’t mention he also fathered a little girl by the name of Chance in the same year! Six-year-old Chance celebrated the New Year with Diddy in St. Barts. Daddy never misses a beat!

3. John Edwards was once a presidential candidate, but since Obama won that war, he’s got more time on his hands to be a father to the love child he created behind his cancer-stricken wife’s back. The baby girl, Quinn, is growing to be a beauty day by day outside of the public’s eye.

4. Blue Ivy’s got someone to play with. Beyonce‘s ex-manager and father Mathew Knowles made jaws drop around the world when his mistress popped out the woodwork and popped out a baby boy named Nixon. It’s been three years since Nixon’s birth and there is no denying that he is a Knowles. Since his birth, Knowles and his wife have divorced and Beyonce is still running the world.

5. Jude Law‘s mesmerizing eyes get him more than just multi-million dollar acting gigs. It landed him a night with an aspiring model/actress he didn’t even remember until she demanded a paternity test. Law’s daughter Sophia will have a eye-full to read when she Googles her name, but for now, Law and Sophia are building a tight father-daughter bond.

6. He is a civil rights activist, he is a man of god, he is Jesse Jackson – the attention grabber. A four-year affair was the source of Jackson’s fatherhood to a girl named Ashley. The mother of his child was aware of his marriage, but was smitten by Jackson’s political views and inspirational speeches.

7. Eddie Murphy spiced up his life with Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Murphy and Brown were an item for a while, so when news broke that Brown was pregnant, it didn’t shock the world but it did shock Murphy. One paternity test and a ridiculous amount of child support later, the world was introduced to Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Angel is now five-years-old and a fashionista in her own right.

8. Rock star lifestyle might birth a baby. Steven Tyler and model Bebe Buell shared a passionate relationship way back in the ’70s that blessed them with a baby girl named Liv. Eleven years later, Liv turned curious when realizing the vocalist at a concert looked just like her. Now, Liv Tyler is making a name for herself as an actress. The confusion of who parented who hasn’t hindered their father-daughter relationship.


9. Rock star Eric Clapton fathered not one – but two – love children. His son was conceived while Clapton was still married, but unfortunately passed away at an early age. Clapton’s daughter, on the other hand, is alive and well and has even spoken out about the nature of her parent’s relationship and her childhood. She currently lives in England, far from the rock star mentality.

10.  Last but not least, the jumpman himself, Michael Jordan has found himself sued by a woman who claims he IS the father of her 16-year-old son Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds. If our math is correct, Jordan was a married man at the time. The woman is asking for child support and she wants her son’s last name to legally be changed to Jordan. 

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