The capital of Venezuela was a sea of red and green as mourners gathered in the middle of Caracas to catch a last glimpse of their president.

PHOTOS: What’s Next For Venezuela? Country Mourns Death Of Hugo Chavez As They Prepare To Pick New President 

On Wednesday, thousands of Venezuelans lined the streets as Hugo Chavez‘s body was taken from the military hospital where he died, to the Fuerte Tiuna Military Academy in Caracas.

The wooden casket was draped with the Venezuelan flag and held by soldiers as a priest recited a prayer and a blessing of the late president. Flowers and wreaths decorated the casket and the hearse as it slowly made its way through the crowded streets.

Chavez’s funeral will take place on Friday and will lay in state for three days at the military academy. The country has declared seven days of mourning, closed schools for the rest of the week and deployed armed forces to “guarantee peace.”

PHOTOS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dead At 58 

The country remains divided as they decide who will take the socialist leader’s place. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.


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