On Friday, the official funeral for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez will take place.  PHOTOS: “I Don’t Want To Die:” The Real Cause Of Hugo Chavez’s Death Revealed  Leaders from five continents are on hand to say their goodbyes as thousands of followers of the leader lined up to catch a glimpse of his casket. Venezuela announced Thursday […]

Not cancer? Not a severe infection? PHOTOS: The End Of An Era: Mourners Line Streets As Casket Of President Hugo Chavez Passes By  Sources in Venezuela are reporting that President Hugo Chavez died of a massive heart attack after battling an unspecified cancer in the pelvic region. Gen. Jose Ornella told the Associated Press that although […]

Supporters of deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez lined the streets and flooded Caracas to mourn his death yesterday, sparking polarizing opinions about Chavez’s infamous socialist rule. PHOTOS: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Dead At 58 Ending one of Latin America’s most remarkable populist leaderships, Chavez, 58, died yesterday from complications stemming from his battle with cancer. […]

For 14 years, Hugo Chávez Frías led Venezuela as a one-man show, his rule deeply rooted in his leftist “Bolivarian Revolution” views, socialist-inspired agenda, generous spirit and intense disdain for free market capitalism.  PHOTOS: What’s Next For Venezuela? Country Mourns Death Of Hugo Chavez As They Prepare To Pick New President  But like all boisterous and outspoken […]

The capital of Venezuela was a sea of red and green as mourners gathered in the middle of Caracas to catch a last glimpse of their president. PHOTOS: What’s Next For Venezuela? Country Mourns Death Of Hugo Chavez As They Prepare To Pick New President  On Wednesday, thousands of Venezuelans lined the streets as Hugo Chavez‘s […]

UPDATE: 5:30 PM EST Just two weeks before his death, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sent out a tweet from his verifed Twitter account thanking his doctors and nurses for all of their care and assistence.  The hopeful tweet in Spanish read: Sigo aferrado a Cristo y confiado en mis médicos y enfermeras. Hasta la victoria siempre!! […]

Jay-Z is the boss of the Roc Nation army, and his Roc roster is one of the craziest in the industry.  Although Jay-Z boasts an army of artists like J.Cole, Hugo, Rihanna and Wale, a lot of critics have been questioning Roc Nation’s ability to push its artists out into the forefront of the music industry.  […]

Inspired by “old rock n’ roll” and bluegrass, Roc Nation signee Hugo isn’t the obvious choice as the next superstar to come from the Jay-Z-backed label, but after releasing his major label debut “Old Tyme Religion” on Tuesday (May 10), Hugo is well on his way. Born in London, but raised in Thailand, Hugo’s background […]

Yesterday, a picture surfaced in the media of Whitney Houston’s teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, allegedly snorting cocaine. The 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina adamantly denies that she was snorting coke in the picture and that it was all a ‘set up.’ Bobbi Kristina took to Twitter to set the record straight and denied allegations of any […]

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Word around Tinseltown is that a remake is being made for the 1992 hit ‘The Bodyguard.’ Whitney Houston was originally the film’s starlet, but there are talks of which hot singer should play the character ‘Rachel.’  PHOTOS: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Decoded Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce’s names were all thrown around in the […]

Last night was Carmelo Anthony’s first game as a New York Knicks player, and he brought out the masses. Celebrities and fans alike all piled into Madison Square Garden to see Carmelo go ‘hard in the paint’ against the Milwaukee Bucks. PHOTOS: Courtside With GlobalGrind: LaLa Vazquez Comedian Chris Rock was front and center having […]