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It looks like Justin Bieber’s anger streak may have been following him for awhile.

After a video surfaced yesterday of the Believe singer cursing out a paparazzi, a report has just surfaced that he threw a fit when his mom wanted him to be on the cover of her book Nowhere But Up.

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According to Radar Online, the publisher told the Biebz’s mom that she should put him on the cover, and when she went and did it without asking him, a screaming match between the two ensued.

A source told the site:

“When Justin’s mom initially signed her book deal it included an agreement that Justin would appear on the cover with her, but she signed this deal without his consent. When things with her book finally started coming to fruition, she approached him about being on the cover and he threw a massive hissy fit. Justin felt like it was unfair to him.”

Apparently things got so bad that Justin’s manager Scooter Braun had to interfere:

“It was literally a screaming match in his dressing room and Scooter had to step in and tell them that it was not the appropriate time or place. He finally broke down closer to the release of the book and agreed to do a press junket with her for the big outlets to promote it, but the whole thing was so awkward and uncomfortable.”

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The source continued:

“Justin knows that Pattie has a completely unrealistic existence thanks to him. She was a part of the process, absolutely. But the little sh*t does work his ass off.”

If this did in fact happen, we hope BIeber and his mom worked it out and are back to getting along. After all a mother’s love is irreplacable.