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Harry Styles always works hard to put on a good show for his fans, but every once in awhile he loves to treat himself.

One way the One Direction star blows off some steam is by getting tatted up, and that’s what he did recently by getting a new stomach tattoo.

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Covering the entire upper portion of his belly, Harry showed off his new butterfly design on his Flickr page this weekend.

Even though his face isn’t in the photo, one of his crucifix tattoos can be seen on his chest, which makes him identifiable.

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While we haven’t seen the ink on Harry in public yet, there were hints of the design when he recently went out with a button-up shirt that had a hole showing some new ink in the same place.

Well, it’s certainly an interesting choice in tattoo! Whatever keeps that fame stress away!

What do you guys think of Harry’s new tattoo?