Getting inked may have been a taboo thing in the past, but today’s society embraces tats like they’re modern-day birth marks. With that said, anything seen as an act of rebellion almost always becomes something mainstream and trendy over time. Like getting people’s face tattooed on your body.  Having ink of a person’s face to honor them […]

Stevie J got Faith's initial tatted ON HIS FACE. That's love!

Emma Watson debuted some new ink at the Oscars over the weekend and while many felt the #TimesUp tat was iconic, others quickly noticed a missing detail—the apostrophe in “time’s.” When the internet called her out on her mistake, labeling her tat an “embarrassment,” Emma dug deep down, gathered all the sarcasm she could, and […]

@ogclout shared a photo of his new tat and it'll seriously mess with your mind.

Technology is so advanced these days that it can actually help you stay in tune with your deceased loved ones. A young woman’s tattoo dedicated to her late grandmother has gone viral on social media and folks can’t get enough of how technical, emotional and next level the wavelength tatt is.   For those asking […]

That's not what God gave you a belly button for.

Getting tattoos to pay homage to people who’ve inspired him has been Drake‘s “ting” since he got Aaliyah’s face inked on him in 2011. On Monday, tattoo artist Inal Bersekov to reveal the new ink he added to the 6 God’s tatt collection. This time around, Drizzy’s tribute ink has a deeper meaning than just […]

Starring on a reality show is one thing, but when you can leave that world behind and shine, that’s when you know you’re destined for success. Black Ink Crew star Dutchess is definitely on a new path after leaving the VH1 show and splitting from former boyfriend and co-star, Ceaser. Radio One recently announced that […]

Drake shocked the world earlier this week when fans saw he had a fresh tattoo. The new ink was a big, bold portrait of Lil Wayne. Unlike everyone else, Weezy wasn’t surprised when he saw the tribute tatt on the 6 God’s arm. According to TMZ, Drake had the tattoo for over five months and […]