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Somebody is NOT happy that the sugary soda ban was dismissed! New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he’s still going to fight for the ban because it will benefit poor people who can’t take care of themselves. Come again? Bloomberg said he sees the measure as an effective tool in curbing obesity, primarily among poor people who “don’t have the ability to take care of themselves,” as well as wealthy people do. Hmmm, could have been worded differently…[HuffPost]

My neck! My back! My mouth? Instead of “slipping” on a wet floor to get a settlement from a grocery store, a couple in Utah decided to stick broken razor blades in doughnuts in order to run into some easy money. Carol Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, and Michael Condor, 35, were arrested for filing the false police report, and we assume the shrapnel doughnuts were thrown away. [HuffPost]

Was deceased Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez really poisoned with cancer? That’s what acting president Nicolas Maduro is saying. It’s no secret that Chavez’s successor thinks foul play was to blame for his death, but now Venezuela is setting up a formal inquiry into the claim. [Reuters]

Want an AR-15? It’s easy, says the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who went to a Tucson gun store a week ago to buy a .45-caliber handgun and a military-style rifle the day before he appeared with his wife at the same supermarket where she was wounded in a rampage two years ago. The move drew criticism, but he said he bought the gun to draw attention to the relative ease with which people can get the type of gun that the shooter used in the Newtown school and Colorado movie theater killings. [DailyMail]

Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! Hide everybody! A new SARS-like virus has already killed nine people since the fall. Symptoms of the novel coronavirus include an acute respiratory infection, fever and a cough. And it could lead potentially to pneumonia and kidney failure. Scary…[CNN]