Well, this is one way to get your laugh for the day. The white supremacist who planned to turn a small North Dakota town into a “white enclave” was informed that he was part African (14 percent Sub Saharan African to be exact) by a talk show host after he agreed to undergo a DNA […]

It’s official. New York City’s new favorite family is now the First Family of the Big Apple. Last night, Bill de Blasio won the NYC mayoral race by a landslide, becoming the first Democrat in two decades to serve as the mayor of the city. With his liberal agenda, opposition to stop-and-frisk and pledge to raise […]

Mayor Bloomberg is causing a stir again… On his own radio show yesterday, the NYC politician decided to open up about New York City’s lack of affordable housing and record homelessness, which he apparently thinks is all a “good sign.” He said on the show of the topic: “Somebody said that there’s not enough housing. […]

Last night may have been the worst night of life for Anthony Weiner, but it was a win-win for NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio and his son’s afro. Even though the elder de Blasio was the top vote-getter with above 40 percent of the support (no, he really whooped Weiner’s 4 percent ass) in […]

The New York City Council overturned Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s veto on a measure to curb the stop-and-frisk policy that Bloomberg argues is necessary to bring crime rates down. The council passed another measure, which was also opposed by the mayor, that would create a watchdog force to monitor the New York Police Department. The two bills […]

What kind of city is the mayor leaving to his successor? That’s the question posed by The New Yorker’s Ken Auletta during his recent, very comprehensive interview with NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg. Going into detail about Bloomberg’s past three terms [which will come to an end December 31] – what he has accomplished, what kind of […]

Earlier this week, after years of objection to the New York Police Department’s controversial stop-and-frisk practice, a federal judge has found that constitutional rights of thousands of New Yorkers were violated. However now New York City officials have taken the first step in appealing a federal judge’s ruling. The city’s Law Department filed a notice of appeal Friday in U.S. District […]

Is this guy serious? On the heels of the Stop-and-Frisk ruling that deemed it unconstitutional, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making yet another attempt to perpetuate the pervasive racial profiling in NYC. On Friday during an appearance on The John Gambling Show, the mayor said the best way to improve public housing safety was to fingerprint the […]

Jeezus help us!  Friday morning, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the police department’s controversial ‘stop and frisk’ program during a radio interview and complained that the NYPD was stopping too many white people and not enough minorities. WOR-NY host John Gambling, questioned the mayor about some of the troubling statistics of the city’s stop […]

This is getting out of control! Just a day after it was revealed that a letter sent to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tested positive for ricin, authorities are saying a similar letter was mailed to President Obama. The letter is now being tested for ricin. It arrived on Thursday but did not reach […]

Just a month after letters laced with the poison ricin arrived in Washington D.C., another letter was sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The letter, which arrived late last week at a municipal building, has tested positive for ricin, according to two people familiar with the matter. A second letter containing the poison arrived […]