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Well, this is one way to get your laugh for the day. The white supremacist who planned to turn a small North Dakota town into a “white enclave” was informed that he was part African (14 percent Sub Saharan African to be exact) by a talk show host after he agreed to undergo a DNA test. Craig Cobb, 62, dismissed the results as “statistical voice” and threw the ultimate shade when host Trisha Goddard tried to fist bump him. Watch the exchange above…[DailyMail]

Bloomberg’s last stand? New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a last-ditch effort (before Bill de Blasio’s take over) to save the stop-and-frisk program that saw more police stops of young black men than there are young black men in NYC. Bloomberg has until January to invalidate the ruling that found the policy unconstitutional. Read about his attempt, here…[ThinkProgress]

Now here’s some news that will make your heart smile. A 5-year-old boy named Miles has leukemia. He loves Batman and would like to be a superhero one day. So, Make-a-Wish set out to make his dream come true…costume, elaborate set of stunts, appreciative crowds of people, damsels in distress he could save…they wanted the whole nine for little Miles. And they got it. Over 7,100 people signed up to be a part of Miles’ big day. Read about it here…[Mashable]

An 80-year-old Texas woman has been charged with trying to kill her husband because he came home too late. Tempie Strickland of Fort Worth allegedly tried to shoot her husband before the gun jammed. She’s being held on an attempted murder charge and bond was set at $100,000. [CBS]