stop and frisk

It came as no surprise to some African-Americans this week when news broke that a former aide to President Richard M. Nixon developed anti-drug policies that targeted Black people.

About a dozen Black NYPD officers filed a lawsuit against their department claiming they were pressured to implement racism in their practices.


Freeway Ricky Ross, 55,  the former Los Angeles kingpin that ruled the country at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic, was arrested last week…

Until we change the rules on how – and why – police can approach Black Americans and those in “high-crime areas,” the duality of civil rights protections will remain skewed based on demographics, not citizenship As the statistics continue to display, roughly once a day, there is an African-American in this nation – our homeland […]


Chicago police routinely violate the constitutional rights of mostly African-Americans who have not committed any crime, according to a federal lawsuit filed this week, reports the Chicago Tribune. The allegation comes in a suit filed on behalf of six African-American men from the South and West Sides and seeks class-action status against the city, police […]

In a shocking report released Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union, Chicago police officers targeted mostly Blacks in a practice that has come to be widely known as stop-and-frisk, reports the Chicago Tribune. The report says police stopped 250,000 civilians — a much higher rate over the summer than New York City officers at […]

So these two very insensitive, discriminatory things happened. First, a Brooklyn restaurant posted this sign outside of their super hipster establishment that serves super hipster pomegranate iced tea to apparently make white gentrifiers who have never endured harassment from police laugh, and black Brooklynites who have a storied past with the NYPD drop their jaws. Read enraged. […]

Disclaimer: We all make mistakes. Not quite like Fox News’ deliberate digs, but all publications drop the ball every now and then. And everyone’s beloved CNN isn’t any different. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re usually rocking with their alleged liberal bias, but recently, the news network has found themselves in hot water over coverage […]

New York City’s Police Commissioner Bill Bratton had some tough words for predecessor Ray Kelly and former mayor Michael Bloomberg. The new Commissioner blamed the past administration for NYPD’s apparent lack of morale during a recent interview with Channel 7. He also revealed which side of the coin he falls on, stating that police practices like “stop-and-frisk” are too extreme, and adding that the “political establishment” […]

The infamous Stop and Frisk laws have been a huge problem in New York City for a long time now, and only recently has the City Council made it its business to get the extremely invasive procedure overturned. Now, in an effort to communicate just how deeply the laws have negatively impacted young Black men over […]

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is making good on his promise to curb the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk practice. This week, he announced that the city will settle its long-running legal battle over the Police Department’s practice of stopping, questioning and often frisking people on the street by agreeing to reforms issued by a judge in […]

This week, BuzzFeed released a gripping video about one New Yorker’s harrowing experience of being arrested for marijuana possession.  A Marijuana Arrest  tells the story of former Manhattan Public School art teacher Alberto Willmore, who recounts how his life was upended after NYPD officers aggressively seized and charged him with marijuana possession. Mr. Willmore immediately lost his teaching job, spent nearly […]