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The infamous Stop and Frisk laws have been a huge problem in New York City for a long time now, and only recently has the City Council made it its business to get the extremely invasive procedure overturned.

Now, in an effort to communicate just how deeply the laws have negatively impacted young Black men over time, Franz Jerome has released a poem about the policy, along with a visual directed by well-known NY-based Director and Photographer Jemaray.

Franz paints the picture for us:

“You see a dealer, degenerate, and destitute who will do his best to get the best of you,

All of us, somehow armed with bullets to get through the vest of you,

Look closer – half of us are scared to death to walk out our vestibules,

Out of fear that your fear will leave us vegetables,

Look at me.”

Check out the dope visual via the video above and weigh in on Stop and Frisk below.

SOURCE: GameChangersProject

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