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Tomorrow will mark the one-week anniversary of Lil Wayne’s crazy health scare. It was last Friday night when TMZ reported that the rapper had suffered multiple seizures, and that he was being read his last rites.

VIDEO: Watch Lil Wayne Joking Around With Nicki Minaj Only Days Before Seizures 

This, of course, ended up being “untrue.” Wayne did have a health scare, but he was not close to death, according to his Young Money fam. 

Yesterday, Young Money’s president Mack Mane appeared on MTV’s Rapfix Live. He was there to pump his own music, but, rightfully, the show’s host Sway Calloway couldn’t let Mack leave without talking about Wayne’s status.

DETAILS: Lil Wayne Released From ICU After Condition Becomes Stabilized 

Speaking on Wayne’s health, Mack said:

“He’s blessed, he’s up, he’s in good spirits, and we’d like to thank all the fans for the prayers. A lot of people reached out and showed love, but Wayne’s at home, he’s relaxing…He’s actually been in good health for a minute. They just wanted to run a few tests on him, that’s why they kept him longer than expected, but he’s been good.”   

Mack also gave some insight to Wayne’s reaction when he found out that TMZ reported he was being read his last rites:

“I was actually sitting right next to him, honestly, when it happened, and his mom was in the other room, and his face dropped…I just saw it in his face, like, ‘I can’t believe that.'”

This whole Weezy saga gotta be the craziest hip-hop story of the year so far.