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Spread love, it’s the California way?

Well, that’s not the lyric, but maybe if it was we wouldn’t be dealing with Proposition 8 right about now. California’s ban on gay marriage made its debut in the Supreme Court today, but justices pretty much punked out on making a decision that could allow same-sex marriages in all fifty states.

PHOTOS: Equality For All? Supreme Court Doesn’t Rule On Prop 8….Just Yet 

Several justices of the Supreme Court appeared unlikely Tuesday to be prepared to rule now on the broad issue of whether same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was worried the case came before the court prematurely, didn’t even vote.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Supreme Court is likely to dismiss the case, which means that same-sex marriages will be allowed in California.

But, there is another outcome, according to SFIST

Chief Justice Roberts along with the liberal members of the court could form a majority, and decide the supporters of Prop 8 lack standing to appeal the earlier decision. That would vacate the Ninth Circuit decision, but would keep the district court decision invalidating Prop 8’s ban on same-sex marriage. In this scenario another case with different petitioners could come before the court in a few years.

In a second scenario, the Court could dismiss the case entirely due to their inability to reach a majority. It looks like this is Kennedy’s move and Goldstein seems to think Justice Sotomayor will join him in this view. If other liberal justices follow suit, the case will be dismissed and the ruling would leave the Ninth Circuit Court’s decision in place and the same-sex marriage ban would still be unconstitutional.

Both scenarios are a step forward for marriage equality, although neither is a particularly huge moment for advocates of equal rights.

Well get this, Washington…we just need you to do whatever it is you need to do to make sure there are equal rights for all. If not, how are we to enjoy more of these heartwarming and wonderful things about same-sex marriage? Here are some of those “gay” things opponents hate that definitely make the world better…

Neil Patrick Harris, partner David Burtka and their crazy cute costumed twins.

These twins who attended a same-sex marriage legislation and proved that gay marriage didn’t ruin their childhood (watch the video of this rambunctious toddler asking his father to stop talking. If that’s not the American way…we don’t know what is).

This amazingly heartbreaking story that drives home the point that Prop 8 should be struck down. Ed Watson was 78-years-old with Alzheimer’s. He was worried that by the time the court finally ruled on Prop 8, he wouldn’t be able to recognize Derence, his partner of over 40 years. Ed passed away in December and was never able to marry Derence.

These two crazy kids. Oh, to be in love…

Because Brendon Ayanbadejo is totally changing the opinion of gays in football…the final frontier in homosexuality intolerance.

So other same-sex couples can look as good as they did on their wedding day. Go Ellen and Portia!

Because this guy could marry who he wanted to and continue dancing his heart out!

Because…gay marriage just makes sense.

And, gay marriage helps religion make sense.

And lastly, because same-sex marriage could make Frank Ocean really happy…and produce another amazing album about love. Think about the music, people…the MUSIC!

But in all seriousness, same-sex marriage makes the world a better place because it’s an issue of humanity. Let’s all be on the right side of history this time. 

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