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Justin Bieber is fighting back against the allegations that he spat on his neighbor after a messy confrontation. 

Uh Oh! Bieber Under Investigation For Battery

The “Boyfriend” singer sat down with US Weekly to address all the scrutiny and criticism he’s been under lately.

“I’m young and I make mistakes. That’s part of growing up,” he says. “I mess up sometimes. It’s part of growing up.”

For now, the unattached heartthrob is tuning out his detractors. (He wraps up his nearly yearlong world tour in August.) “I know who I am and I’m not gonna let negativity towards me bring me down. I’m a positive person and I plan on staying that way,” Bieber says. “This business can break you down, but I have a strong team around me, and my family and all the fans. The love overcomes the negativity. I’m not perfect but I’m growing and trying to be better everyday. That’s part of life.”

Still, Bieber adds, “I’m young and I want to have fun. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.”

Well the fun will have to be put on hold, because Bieber is under investigation for battery, and the DA is taking those claims very seriously.

Spitting crimes are taken seriously for 2 reasons — first, it’s considered an extremely aggressive and “disgusting act,” and second, it poses potentially serious health concerns.

Looks like Justin Bieber is taking this whole ordeal seriously as well. He is denying that he spit on, or threatened to kill his neighbor.

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TMZ reports:

Justin believes he had a right to engage the guy in the argument … but the singer is telling people no spit ever left his mouth. JB also insists he never threatened to do the neighbor any harm.

This thing may be stressing Justin Bieber out, but it did put him back in the arms of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Biebs’ van was spotted outside of her house last night…

Let’s hope JB can get through all of this drama.


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