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If you could date a legend , would you agree to a background check and sign a confidentality agreement?

Well whether you would or you wouldn’t, in order to date the iconic Britney Spears, that’s what her new boyfriend, David Lucado, has agreed to do!

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Apparently it was Britney’s dad, Jamie Spears, who was the “driving force” behind both the check and the agreement as he handles her conservatorship.

Here is what a source told RadarOnline:

“Jamie has known David (Lucado) for awhile, and always thought he was a thoughtful, and an all-around good guy. Britney needed someone to keep her company after she and Jason (Trawick) broke up. It had to be a male, because Britney just doesn’t respond as well to females. And remember, she is still under a conservatorship.”

The source goes on:

“Before David started spending time with Brit, he had to undergo a background check, and sign a confidentiality agreement, all arranged by Papa Spears. Jamie makes sure if things go south between Jamie and Britney, details about her life wouldn’t be made public.”

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As far as David, the source says that he really didn’t mind, nor did he think it was out of the ordinary. 

Rumor is he really cares for Brit Brat & “He is very, very patient with her.”

Congrats on the new beau Britney. We are glad to see you are happy and enjoying a new love life!

SOURCE: RadarOnline || Photo Credit: GETTY