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If you could date a legend , would you agree to a background check and sign a confidentality agreement? Well whether you would or you wouldn’t, in order to date the iconic Britney Spears, that’s what her new boyfriend, David Lucado, has agreed to do! PHOTOS: In With The New! Britney Spears Shows Off New […]

There’s a big Buzz online surrounding this hilarious picture of a fan dressed in a Beyonce t-shirt dress. GlobalGrind got wind of it and had to check out the Beyonce t-shirt dress for ourselves. As soon as we clicked on this picture, laughs filled the air. PHOTOS: Is Beyonce The Sexiest Woman In The World? […]


Today is everyone’s favorite socialite Kim Kardashian‘s birthday. The reality starlet is turns the big 3-0 today, so in celebration of this momentous occasions, we’ve created a playlist dedicated to one of Kim’s greatest assets! Ring in Kim’s Flirty 30 birthday with these tunes! Artist: Soulja Boy Song: ‘Donk (She Gotta)’ [pagebreak] Artist: Ludacris, LL […]

Did our favorite teenage heartthrob get inked on his left hip? Throwing around a football on the beach in Sydney, Australia, Justin Bieber accidentally showed off his new tattoo, we can’t really tell if it is a rub-on or if he truly went under the pain of the needle but there are some pictures in […]

There is no marriage contract between, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Last week numerous websites and bloggers posted an interview w/ Beyonce from Neon Magazine stating that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a marriage contract. Turns out that interview was entirely false and made up. Neon Magazine issued a statement in regards to the fake interview that caused […]


  Check out new artist Lolene signed by major label, Capitol Records. It sounds like we have a new pop star on our hands, with a record produced by super producer J.R. Rotem titled ‘Rich’. This song is all about faking it till you make it…which we know a lot of people do these days. […] has uncovered an uncensored audio interview with Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley in which she chats candidly with Sean Green on his show, The Green Room, about boob jobs and posing for Playboy. Although it’s obvious to anyone that’s seen a clip of JWoww on Jersey Shore that she’s definitely had some sort of […]

The always controversial Tila Tequila isn’t holding back when it comes to expressing her opinion about Heidi Montag and her recent plastic surgery. In an exclusive video interview with, Tila slammed The Hills star and said: ‘She’s gone overboard… Her whole relationship is fake, her whole show is fake, her whole marriage is fake, […]


I know what you’re thinking. You’re assuming that because the media has coined Kevin Federline as a douchebag and he’s a product of hip hop, he’s cornered the market on professional douchery. I beg to differ! The fact is, there are hundreds, no hundreds of thousands of hip hop douchebags who make K Fed look […]


It’s always a great sight to see those who come from hip hop be able to take their art to new levels and even make a living off of it. There’s b-boys who have become choreographers for major pop music artists, DJs who travel the world (like Biz Markie and DJ Scribble) and emcees who […]


There’s a lot of sites putting up Chris Brown songs claiming that they’re ‘new’. However, this isn’t the case. Yup, we’ve all been duped. Chris’ record company issued this statement to Global Grind clearing up the whole situation: ‘Countering misleading reports of ‘new’ Chris Brown music: there are no ‘new’ songs from Chris Brown currently […]

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