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Over the last two years, or so, the staff of GlobalGrind has done excellent coverage and commentary on some of the nation’s most important cases, from Trayvon Martin to the Steubenville rape case.

We’re proud of that work.

We say that to tell you this: If you’re a regular reader of our hard-hitting stuff, just EX out now.

This post ain’t for you.

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Over that same span of time we have also dug in the gutter, from time to time. Example: this. Oh, there was also this. And this. Then this. And, sheesh, how could we forget about this.

Well, it doesn’t get lower than this, which is just 11 videos of funny animal sex.

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Why exactly? Simple, it’s because we saw this gif of an Elephant blowing his load.


If you didn’t EX out already, enjoy, pervs.

Lol, wait: lions are supposed to be king of the jungle, right? Someone needs to tell King Three Pumps over there. 

Wait, so monkeys don’t do doggie? Who would have guessed.  

Ostriches are known for being a lean meat. #Misconception. 

Why so serious, Gorilla?

Awww, damn, not on the car, dude. 



Don’t be confused by the cute face, PANDAS ARE BEASTS. SEXY, SEXY WILD BEASTS.

Guess who’s having fun here. 

Kitties hittin’ the kitty.

And, one extra: 

Persistent deer + scared white girl = comedy.