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Today marks the one-year anniversary of George Zimmerman’s arrest.

DETAILS: George Zimmerman’s Mother Pens Letter To Public On Anniversary Of Son’s Arrest 

But instead of remembering the life of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old unarmed teen who was shot dead, George Zimmerman’s supporters have chose to blame the justice system for failing him. 

When his mother, Gladys Zimmerman, released a letter this morning via Robert Zimmerman’s Twitter page, to say that April 11, 2012 will be forever remembered by the Zimmerman family as the day the justice system failed Americans, Trayvon’s parents decided to respond. Below is their message:

One year ago today, the State of Florida decided that there was evidence to charge George Zimmerman for second-degree murder for profiling, pursuing, and killing our unarmed teenage son. The facts of this case are simple and straightforward. We are confident that a jury following the overwhelming evidence against George Zimmerman will hold him accountable for killing our son, Trayvon Martin.

For the Zimmerman family to allege that the justice system doesn’t work, simply because they are unhappy their son was arrested in the first place, is disingenuous and disrespectful to the very system that is currently affording him every available opportunity to defend himself.  The arrest of an admitted killer is not a violation of due process, it is due process.  Most will agree that no one has been given greater consideration by the justice system for killing an unarmed child, than George Zimmerman.

We continue to pray that our son’s death will serve as a catalyst in preventing other senseless acts of gun violence.  

As do we. The trial starts on June 10 and GlobalGrind stands with the Martin family in hopes that the justice system will not fail their son.

SOURCE: Family Attorney Ben Crump

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