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Miranda Kerr is no longer a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

They had a good thing going, but you know what they say, all good things must come to an end. Although Miranda is still working with Victoria’s Secret, she will no longer be filling the coveted role as an Angel – and we just don’t get it! 

STORY: RUMOR PATROL: Miranda Kerr Gets Her Angel Wings Cut By Victoria’s Secret!

Every season we looked forward to the hot Australian mom strutting her stuff down the runway in some sort of elaborate costume with the rest of the Angels, but because of Miranda’s crazy schedule, VS says she can’t properly fill the highly demanding Angel role.

On the contrary, GlobalGrind has a couple of reasons why Victoria’s Secret clearly effed up on this one.

Here are some of the most glaring examples of why Victoria’s Secret not only made a huge mistake, but why they should also reinstate Miranda as an Angel immediately!

She looks great even before the show starts.

Um, those legs!

If Victoria’s Secret begins to make actual dresses, she can pull one of those off too.

Hello ridiculously toned abs…and legs. 

She can obviously teach the other Angels a thing or two about dancing.

She can do THIS! 

She’s married to Orlando Bloom…who also has the face of an angel! (Let’s just be honest)

She looks amazing with wings.

Miranda can conservatively rock an LBD like no one’s business. 

Did we mention her legs!? Oh gosh Victoria’s Secret…get it together!

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