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Don’t ever try to cross Nicki Minaj.

VIDEO: A-TEAM! BTS Of Nicki Minaj & Dr. Dre’s Pink Beats Pill Commercial 

Poor Deray Davis had to learn this the hard way during the commercial introducing the pink Beats By Dre Pill speaker.

In the commercial, you can see Nicki kicking it with her boyfriend, who is played by Deray Davis.

Nicki steps out for a second and Deray mentions that he has to text someone, but it turns out it’s another girl.

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Yeah, Nicki ain’t having that.

The pink Pill comes to life and calls Nicki back into the room, and Queen Barbz completely spazzes out on Deray.

It’s a pretty funny commercial.

Makes us kinda want to cop one of these Pill thingys.

Check out the ad above.

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