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Coaches, tread lightly! 

After footage of Rutgers’ basketball coach, Mike Rice, abusing players was released, coaches nationwide need to be careful of how they “motivate” their players to succeed.

Coach Chris Michaelson of the Legends Football League, formally known as the Lingerie Football League, is currently under investigation for calling his Seattle Mist team players “f*cking retards.”

In a match up against the Green Bay Chill, Michaelson goes on a rant during halftime about his players’ weak defense. A representative for the league tells our friends over at TMZ that the situation is being reviewed by the commissioner’s office.

The representative said, “Everything is in line as far as what is expected from a football locker room, but we don’t condone the use of the word retarded.”

Mike Rice Needs To Get Sent On A Long Vacation by Eric Newman

Whatever the outcome of the investigation, Michaelson’s harsh comments and intense speech stuck with the players. Seattle Mist beat Green Bay Chill 55-36.

Is Coach Michaelson’s rant to be expected or out of order?


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