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Here we go again…

A fight during a recent taping of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta ended in a pool of blood! 

Shay Johnson and Erica Dixon put them paws on each other as they got into a heated scuffle during a taping for the second season of their reality show. Reports and rumors have been flying the past couple of days (including media outlets claiming Erica pulled a knife on Shay), but we finally got some proof that things might not be as bad as we think. 

Our friends at YBF report that the fight happened at a launch party for Karlie Redd’s new weave line. 

Erica was already at the party when Shay apparently looking to start some ish. Some kind of way, Erica ended up in the parking lot with Shay and the two began fighting. After the fight, Shay was supposedly seen bleeding and ushered into a bathroom inside the salon where one of the hairstylists spent an hour getting her hair and makeup together.

Another gossip blog close to LHHATL writes:

Sources from Shay’s camp did confirm that Shay was indeed bleeding. However, they cite that shay was on top of Erika and “winning” until Erika picked up a shiny object and hit her in the face with it, causing her to bleed.

Things obviously weren’t that bad, because Shay still looks fine like wine according to her last tweet:

LETS SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT!! This is what im looking like 4/11/13! Apparently them PAWS need 2 go back in training!

We can’t say we’re surprised – after all, this is what Love & Hip-Hop delivers. To see how it all goes down, we suggest you stay tuned for the second season…