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Along with the Young Money-style punchline (e.g.’it’s going down…basement’) the ‘first name {blank}, last name {blank}’ rhyme pattern has become very popular as of late. Check out some of the funnier examples of this.

Artist: Drake

Alias: Greatest Ever

Origin: ‘Forever’

Lyric: “Last name ever, first name greatest.”


Artist: Gucci Mane

Alias: Get Some Business


Lyric: “First name get some last name business/Stage name Gucci/Code name Chilly”


Artist: Lil Wayne

Alias: Bubba-Young Stunna

Origin: ‘Back On My Grizzy’

Lyric: “Smoke That Kush,/First Name Bubba,/First Name Young, Last Name Stunna”


Artist: Young Jeezy

Alias: Gots Ends

Song: ‘Everything’

Lyric: “First name Gots/Last Name Ends/Fix Ya Face Fix Ya Mouth you might get a Benz!”

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