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Kelly Rowland, was tapped to host Bravo’s reality fashion show, amply titled ‘The Fashion Show’, along side fashion guru Isaac Mizarahi. The show debuted last season to a luke warm reception. Bravo Refused to give up on the show and has parted ways Kelly and Super Model Iman has strutted in. Kelly doesn’t need to be boggled down with long taping hours anyway, considering her new album should be hitting the shelves soon! Good luck to Kellly and congats to Iman.

Yesterday Bravo’s Frances Berwick, spoke highly of the new co-host saying: ‘We are happy to welcome Iman to the Bravo family. Breaking barriers in the fashion industry, Iman is a true pioneer and her unparalleled credibility will inspire the contestants and be a perfect match to the always exciting, Isaac Mizrahi.’