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We all know Justin Bieber is the new turn-up king, but are these reports about his camp holding drugs actually true?

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Swedish police reportedly found marijuana when they raided Bieber’s tour bus on Wednesday, but now his crew is saying that’s not even the truth.

A rep for the Stockholm PD told TMZ that an officer smelled weed coming from Bieber’s tour bus, and proceeded to get a warrant to search the vehicle. No one was in the bus at the time it was raided and cops told TMZ they found a small amount of “narcotics” and a taser. The police wouldn’t say what they found, but local papers have reported that it was marijuana.

But a Bieber source is telling RadarOnline that there were no drugs. Hmmmm…

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Police say no one was arrested because it was impossible to tell who the drugs belonged to. Bieber’s camp is saying there were no drugs at all. Somebody is playing major games!

Bieber, be smart outchea, you got a lot on the line homie.

SOURCE: TMZ | Radaronline