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Earlier this month we let you guys know about the upcoming Bathing Ape 20th Anniversary project.

The project included 20 designers and artists from all over the world who would each help make a t-shirt with their rendition of the classic Bape “Ape Head” and today we finally have the end result of how the project will look.

Artists ranging from Futura and Stash to Pharrell Williams and Kanye West all participated in the project. Each person who participated represented their personality, brand or artwork beautifully within the Ape Head. While some ventured outside of the Ape Head, most stayed true to the general design.

Scroll down to check out all of the finished Ape Heads from the Bathing Ape 20th Anniversary collaborations.

1. Shinsuke Takizawa (Of Neighborhood)


2. James Lavelle (DJ)


3. Tetsu Nishiyama (Of WTAPS)


4. Stash (Graffiti Artit)


5. Skate Thing


6. Tsuyoshi Noguchi (Fashion Editor & Stylist)


7. Masaaki Homma (of Mastermind)

8. Masamichi Katayama (Founder of Wonderwall design firm)

9. Futura (Graffiti Artist)

10. Motofumi Poggy Kogi (Of United Arrows)

11. Hiroshi Ito (Artist)

12. Jun Takahashi (of UNDERCOVER)

13. Kanye West (Musician)

14. Daisuke Obana (of N. Hoolywood)

15. NIGO (Creator Of A Bathing Ape)

16. Show Ayanocozey (DJ Ozma)

17. Takashi Kumagai (Stylist & Photographer)

18. Verbal (Musician & creator of Ambush)

19. Pharrell Williams (Musician)

20. Mankey

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