One would assume that the best gift you could get from the mastermind behind A Bathing Ape, Nigo, is some super special, top-notch never been released before Bape gear, but if you’re A$AP Rocky and you’re getting a gift from Nigo, expect it to be a lot more complex than that. A$AP Rocky celebrated his 25th […]

Earlier this month we let you guys know about the upcoming Bathing Ape 20th Anniversary project. The project included 20 designers and artists from all over the world who would each help make a t-shirt with their rendition of the classic Bape “Ape Head” and today we finally have the end result of how the project […]

Nigo has really done a complete 180 in the past couple of years.  The one time outrageously dressed, toy collecting, King of Bling, has traded in his wardrobe for a much more conservative look, got rid of the gaudy jewelry and has recently announced that he will be auctioning off his toy collection. PHOTOS: Coca-Cola […]

NIGO has accomplished quite a bit with his brand A Bathing Ape. Since selling the company last year, NIGO seems to have had a good amount of time to work on other projects. While he still sits on the board of A Bathing Ape, NIGO began yet another clothing line, Human Made. In a collaborative […]


(Queen Latifah as Ursula).Two years ago, fans of Disney were stunned after images of their favorite Disney characters were brought to life by photographer Annie Leibovitz. Yesterday new rounds of (Queen Latifah as Ursula). Two years ago, fans of Disney were amazed by images of their favorite Disney characters were brought to life by photographer […]


Many may argue one’s rightful place at the top of the fashion chain. Some may place the most important and influential title in the hands of fashion designers, as it is their vision, art and talent that lead and motivate the people. Others might conclude that fashion editors are responsible for introducing brands and trends […]