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OK so we’re starting from the very beginning here. We’re all obsessed with Blue Ivy Carter and that’s OK. Whenever we see her we wish we could see more of her, and also, her name always trends on twitter. Every damn time.

No, it’s not the Illuminati, she just happens to be really cute, and was born into royalty, like, sort of. We know you want to see more of her so made it easy for you. Here’s every pic of her face we’ve ever seen in order.

Let’s take a look back at the last 15 months…

First, The Carters officially introduced their little one via Tumblr

She’s even cuter when she sleeps, am I right? Yes, I am.

Then we were left brokenhearted for a few months until this photo leaked after Bey took little BIC out shopping in NYC at an upscale department store. The internet then kinda exploded . Those cheeks!

Then there was that yachting trip to the south of France for King Bey’s birthday in October…

where she had breakfast with Beyonce

and checked out the views with Jay

and basically just looked cute


Beyonce kinda teased us with this one

and this one

andddd this one

And Jay likes to tease us to, and on Blue Ivy’s first birthday, it was not appreciated.

But then we got this: Beyonce’s official reveal via her doc where we learned she looked exactly like what Jay said: A pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B.

And a few more from the doc:


Then BIC put on her Timbs and grabbed some lunch with Bey in BK. Say that 3x fast.

Then Beyonce snuck out with her while in the UK during some down time from The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, but the security cameras caught her

Then Bey & Jay took her out for lunch in Paris and we could fully see how damn cute little BIC actually is

and her shocked face will give Taylor Swift’s a run for her money.

Soooooooooooo cute

A little closer.

Yeah, she’s a cutie.

And if you had any questions about what she’ll look like when she gets older…her and Beyonce are basically the same baby. So yeah, she’ll be a stunner.

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