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The first born to megastar parents, Jay Z and Beyoncé, is a young songstress who has undeniably inherited a number of talents from them. The young superstar in the making has already proven herself to the music industry by receiving more awards than any other 9 year old we know. 

Impressing the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Carter is no easy feat, a fact the world was reminded of last night at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. In case you missed it, Bey and Jay were front row with their gorgeous mini-me, the one and only Blue Ivy Carter, when she instructed her parents […]

Bey and her mini-me Blue Ivy Carter got all dressed up and headed to MiMi's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' concert in New York on Sunday.

In our minds, Jay Z is a smooth former hustler turned businessman, turned business.