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We all know Rita Ora has a sweet and soft side to her when it comes to her personality, but we’re slowly starting to see how much of a bad ass she really is.

The R.I.P. singer was recently spotted in London heading to her good friend model Cara Delevingne’s house where they later had a jam session.

Dressed in a leather jacket with some slicked back hair, no one could keep their eyes off of Rita’s stunning spiked choker.

Wearing some light make up and bright red lipstick the singer surely was on her goth shh that evening.

Over at Cara’s house, the two brought out their inner rock stars as they brought together a band and rocked out throughout the night.

At one point, things got so crazy, that Rita fell onto the floor and was captured pretty well on her own camera!

We all know Rita loves to sing, so of course we know she had a great time experimenting sounds with Cara and the rest of her bandmates.

Sounds like a pretty exciting Saturday night if you ask us. Rock on Rita!