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The Knicks always come to ball, and by ball, we mean win. 

Not only are the New York Knicks performing like absolute champs this playoff season, but we must say, they are a pretty dapper team when they aren’t sweating in their blue and orange gear. 

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The Knicks encountered a mini defeat last night against the Boston Celtics, but there is no doubt that the boys will bounce back. And if they don’t (even though we know they will), they’ll always have something more to boast about: their impeccable off-court style. 

From well-tailored suits, to Vogue features, and some of the hottest wives in the NBA, we’re pretty sure…no, we are absolutely sure, that the New York Knicks are the most fashionable team in the entire National Basketball Association. 

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Have any doubts? We compiled some indisputable photo evidence to support our claim, and prove that when it comes to being fashionable, the other teams just aren’t fucking with the Knicks’ stylish clique, clique, clique.

In case you had any second thoughts about the Knickerbockers’ style abilities, check out our reasoning below as to why the other teams just don’t measure up when it comes to looking good. 

1. They don’t have anyone who can wear a suit as well as Amar’e Stoudemire. 




That are also approved by Anna Wintour

2. Nobody is messing with Iman Shumpert’s high top… it’s so dapper that it gets its own NBA violations.

3. They don’t have first wives as hot as La La Anthony

Seriously, nobody’s wife is as hot as La La. 

They really aren’t…

4. Nor do they have wives as fashionable as Kimberly Chandler, who was dressed by Anna Wintour for the MET Ball. 

5. Or as cute as pregnant Alexis Welch.

6. And they don’t have someone who is social media savvy with yearbook quotes as epic as J.R. Smith’s.

7. And of course they don’t have Jordan model kids as cute as Kiyan Anthony.

8. Or as cute as Tyson Chandler’s son, who already does shirtless GQ spreads.

9. They sure don’t have players with tresses as glorious as Chris Copelands’.

10. And we are PRETTY darn sure their coaches don’t sit front row at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

11. And nobody, that’s right, we said NOBODY, is feasible competition to Mike Woodson’s impeccable beard. Not even Rick Ross. (Yeah, I said it).

Any questions? Run the Knicks tape. 

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