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What kind of place would the world be without terrible tattoos?

A bad place, duh!

Last week, Amber Rose unveiled a pretty dope portrait tattoo of her husband rapper Wiz Khalifa. Typically, we’re not fans of the weird, creepy, portrait tattoos of celebrities, but Amber Rose managed to pull it off successfully. 

GlobalGrind decided to round up some of the most terrible, creepy, God-awful, downright wrong tattoos of music artists. 

From a horrifying Miley Cyrus tattoo to terrible caricatures of Justin Bieber, we have the best of the worst tats in America. 

For the sake of humanity, we’re hoping that some of these people will take a hint and get their tattoos covered up. 

Check out the 23 terribly creepiest music tattoos in all of life below! 

1. We wish we could bring back Biggie and Tupac and shoot the tattoo artist and the idiot that got this tatted on him instead….

2. Miley, is that you?!

3. This is just creepy…

4. and this is REALLY creepy. 

5. This guy should jump off a skyscraper for this Demi Lovato tattoo…Jesus Christ. 

6. Umm…wtf?

7. Besides this Chris Brown tattoo being the creepiest thing on earth…peep this weirdo’s “n*ggaz” tattoo to the right…

8. Waikikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….

9. We’re all going to die young, might as well get a terrible tattoo for Ke$ha to take a picture of. 


11. Disturbing to the 3000th power….

12. Horrifying…no doubt. 

13. Mmmbad!

14. This has to be the scariest thing we’ve ever seen, second to the real life Britney Spears, of course. 

15. This guy should’ve kept rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ past the tattoo shop. 

16. Hahahahahahahaha

17. Say ahhh Avril.

18. The next five tattoos shall leave you speechless…

19. ……………

20. ………….

21. ………..

22. And this is just terrible, but…

23. …This shimmy shimmy sh*t takes the cake!