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The angry Yeezy is making his return!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted reuniting in Paris yesterday after Kim’s family trip to Greece this past week, and the two were back doing what they do best.

During the power couple’s time out for a day-long shopping spree, the paps were right in their faces at every location, and the questions started coming.

The two entered and exited each building quickly enough to avoid some of the photographers’ persistence, but it still wasn’t calm enough for Yeezy, who is known to not get along with the paps.

As Kim seemed unfazed by the cameras in her face, Ye wasn’t too pleased by their barrage of comments, as he said to one photographer, “don’t ask us no questions!”

Despite the tension, Kimmy looked great during their outing, wearing a tight red maternity dress with a black sweater that showed off her big baby bump.

At least these two are finally together again!

Check out the video above to see Kanye snap at the photographer.