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Mexicans are the biggest boxing supporters out there. So, every year the two biggest weekends for boxing are Cinco de Mayo, which is on May 5th, and Mexican Independence day, which is on September 16.

That’s why for the last four years, Floyd Mayweather Jr, the biggest name in the sport, has had a fight on weekends those holidays fall.

2013 will be no different.

Floyd Mayweather will fight Mexican American Robert Guerrero tonight.

It’s a fight that has become pretty interesting after Ruben, Robert’s father, went on a pretty epic, somewhat funny rant the other day, calling Floyd a woman beater.

(Last year, Floyd did two months in the clink for abusing his baby mother.)

During that rant, Floyd was quiet, which is unusual, because Floyd Mayweather is the best trash talker in the sport, ever since he turned pro in 1996.

Need some proof? Scroll down to see Floyd’s most memorable trash-talking moments.

Floyd Mayweather says he’s gonna whoop Diego Corrales on the behalf of “every battered woman out there.”

One of the reasons why Ruben Guerrero’s rant towards Floyd was funny, is because years ago Floyd called out the late Diego Corrales for being a woman beater. During the lead up to their 2001 superlight, Floyd said he was going to “beat him like a dog” on the behalf of “every battered woman out there.” Why battered women? Because, at that time Diego had domestic abuse charges after beating up his pregnant wife. Floyd ended up fulfilling his duty, savagely TKOing Diego in 10 rounds.

Floyd says Arturo Gatti is a C-Class Fighter 

Back in 2005, Floyd Mayweather wasn’t the superstar that he is now. So when he fought the late, great Arturo Gatti, in June 25th of that year, Floyd was the B-side fighter. Yet, he decided to lead the promotion, doing a tremendous amount of trash-talking. Floyd called Gatti an “overrated,” “C-class fighter” and he predicted that he was going to outclass him. And Floyd kinda did.

Floyd verbally abuses Oscar De La Hoya

One of the reasons Floyd Mayweather became a superstar is because of 27/7, a documentary HBO uses for its lead up to their big fights. The series made its debut with Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Oscar De La Hoya. During the show’s run, the world got to see Floyd’s flashy personality up close and personal. He also spent the entire show calling Oscar a “p*ssy” and saying things like “I’m gonna beat you till you respect me. I’m gonna beat you and I’m gonna make you call me pretty.” He clearly got Oscar upset, which may be the reason why Oscar was so tight on fight night.

Floyd rolls on Ricky Hatton

In Floyd’s next fight, this time against British bloke Ricky Hatton, Mayweather kept up his memorable trash talking ways. Ricky Hatton acted like the trash talking did not phase him, but it clearly did — Hatton got starched.  

Floyd Goes In On Shane Mosley 

For years, Shane Mosley claimed that Floyd Mayweather was ducking him. So when Floyd finally took the fight against Shane, in 2010, he made sure to let him know he wasn’t scared by trashing him every opportunity he could during the lead up to the fight. Floyd was vicious, touching on everything from how Shane dresses to his very public divorce with his ex-wife Jin Mosley

Floyd goes to war with Rick Ross

On Rick Ross’ “Mafia Music,” the Miami-based rapper famously dissed 50 Cent. What’s not really remembered is the fact that he also dissed Floyd Mayweather, when he said the line “that Mayweather money look funny in the light.” Floyd got a little revenge when he released a video with 50 Cent, where the two were kicking it with Ross’ baby mama and Ross’ son. So disrespectful. 

Like father, like son

This one was ugly. Real ugly. 24/7 had the cameras running when, leading up to his fight with Victor Ortiz, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father, Floyd Sr., got into a crazy vicious argument. Floyd ended up kicking his father out the gym and the two didn’t speak for months.

Floyd and 50 Cent joke around 

Back when Floyd and 50 Cent were still BFFs, the two could be seen just joking around. One of the more entertaining moments came when the two were talking to each other on phones made out of money. Floyd also took some time out to bad mouth his father even more. Things are looking better between Floyd and his pops — Floyd Sr. is gonna be in his son’s corner for the fight this weekend. 

If Larry was “50 years younger…”

Floyd Mayweather and retired HBO announcer Larry Merchant have had a rocky relationship in the past. Things blew up in 2011 right after Floyd knocked out Victor Ortiz on a shot many people felt was cheap. During the post fight interview, Larry went to ask him about what happened and Floyd went cray. Of course this moment will always be remembered for Larry’s “if I was 50 years younger I’d kick your ass” comment.

Floyd gets all racist  

For years, a potential Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight was seen as one that could be the biggest in the sport. Then Pacquiao got knocked out. The luster for the fight is gone. Though they never stepped in the ring together, Floyd still made sure to spit fire against Pacquiao. One of the craziest examples came a couple of years ago, when Floyd went on a crazy rant online that was mostly racist.

Floyd talks sh*t against Guerrero

Though Mayweather was mostly quiet the other day, during a earlier commercial shoot, Floyd made sure to let Robert know what’s up.

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