Cinco de Mayo

Specialty Drink Recipes For Cinco De Mayo Every year, the 5th of May comes and gives us a perfect excuse to indulge in tacos and tequila with no regrets. I mean, what’s better than a holiday specifically meant for drinking? A holiday meant for eating and drinking, obviously. The true purpose of Cinco De Mayo […]

There is one part they don't teach you in the history books: How Cinco De Mayo is linked to African American history. Take a look at five fast facts about the holiday and how Africans are tied into it all. 

The 25-year-old celebrated the evening at Afropunk and Jose Cuervo's joint party at Villain in Brooklyn.

Donald Trump decided to take a Facebook picture in celebration of Cinco De Mayo but people weren't buying it.

Another day, another cop doing something totally uncalled for...or just weird.

Guys, we’ve been through this before. Despite the handful of helpful lists on how to avoid irresponsible cultural appropriation during Cinco de Mayo, at least one news network ignored the memo. Sadly and… embarrassingly. During a segment meant to explain the historical background of the holiday, Way Too Early host Thomas Roberts was interrupted by […]

Cinco de Mayo might be the greatest day of the year. It basically just involves day drinking outside right as the weather gets warm.  But, thanks to Wikipedia, I know the real reason behind the holiday: Cinco de Mayo was originated by Mexican-American communities in the American West as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during […]

President Barack Obama is in Mexico today. The White House says he’s there to build the relationship between the U.S. and Latin America. They say he’s there to talk about immigration reform and security and economic strength. And…apparently he’s doing all this talking during a three day tour to our southern neighbor. Really Obama, really? […]

Mexicans are the biggest boxing supporters out there. So, every year the two biggest weekends for boxing are Cinco de Mayo, which is on May 5th, and Mexican Independence day, which is on September 16. That’s why for the last four years, Floyd Mayweather Jr, the biggest name in the sport, has had a fight […]