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Guys, we’ve been through this before.

Despite the handful of helpful lists on how to avoid irresponsible cultural appropriation during Cinco de Mayo, at least one news network ignored the memo.

Sadly and… embarrassingly.

During a segment meant to explain the historical background of the holiday, Way Too Early host Thomas Roberts was interrupted by a reporter in a sombrero, stumbling across the screen and guzzling tequila.

Yep, that actually happened.

Oh, did we mention he also shook a maraca in the camera?

Cringe-worthy isn’t even the term.

And then…this:

The team at MSNBC’s Way Too Early continued to weave the theme of Cinco de Mayo into the show. Roberts introduced “The Cooler” segment standing before a table with a prominently displayed bottle of a mass market tequila. “Cooler Correspondent” Burgdorf began his segment by taking a shot of tequila, which Roberts referred to as the correspondent’s “go-go juice.”

“Olé!” Burgdorf said after taking the shot, apparently unaware that the word is associated with Spain rather than Mexico.

Just. No.

You can watch the video above…if you can stomach the stereotypical props and total ignorance.