"The Way I See It" airs on MSNBC Friday, October 16th at 10 PM, Global Grind reveals some high points from the film. The movie follows Pete Souza's career as a photo journalist who worked as a White House photographer for Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama.

If you don’t watch The Beat with Ari Melber you definitely should. The MSNBC host frequently uses rap lyrics to describe what’s going on in the news of the day. He quotes all of your favorite rappers, Drake, Wu Tang, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep and more. So in true John Oliver fashion, his Last Week […]

Larry Wilmore kept his speech all the way real, saluting the POTUS with, “Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga!”


Former MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry gave her first in-depth interview on her breakup with the network. She felt that MSNBC didn't care about her.


MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry rejected the network's severance deal. She said the deal would have included a non-disparagement clause.

Since the Sandy Hook massacre, gun violence in America has only gotten worse. In fact, 554 kids under the age of 23 have died from gunshots in the three years since the horrific crime, according to an NBC News analysis. But that number may very well be larger, as suicides often go unreported. Since Sandy […]


Viewers of multiple cable outlets such as MSNBC and CNN witnessed disturbing footage of reporters going through personal items at the home of the San Bernardino shooting suspects, leading to an apology from MSNBC.


Vester Lee Flanagan allegedly sought out the personnel records of the two people he killed when he was trying to sue the network.

Since announcing their new “Race Together” initiative to combat race relations, Starbucks has been met with mixed reactions. Many believe the company is using the topic of race as a prop, while others slammed them over a lack of people of color in the accompanying campaign. In an op-ed for Medium, Starbucks’ Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Corey duBrowa, explained how […]

Guys, we’ve been through this before. Despite the handful of helpful lists on how to avoid irresponsible cultural appropriation during Cinco de Mayo, at least one news network ignored the memo. Sadly and… embarrassingly. During a segment meant to explain the historical background of the holiday, Way Too Early host Thomas Roberts was interrupted by […]