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This past week, Lindsay Lohan was set to start her court-ordered rehab time at a facility in New York, but fled the state and planned to head to one in Newport Beach called Betty Ford instead. 

While it was said there would be a warrant for her arrest over the switchup, Radar Online reports that she saved herself by hiring back her old lawyer Shawn Holley, who got her permission to do the dip. 

A source told the site:

“Lindsay cut a last minute deal with the D.A. to go to Betty Ford. Shawn Holley helped to broker the agreement with [Los Angeles] City Attorney [Terry White] late Thursday night. It’s unclear if she has checked in.”

Shawn got Lindsay a last-minute plea deal so that she could switch to start at a rehab that allows her to smoke, since the one in the Hamptons does not allow it.

A source continued:

“Lindsay cannot stand her current lawyer and thinks he doesn’t know what he is doing,” a source told “So late Thursday, from hiding, she began calling and emailing Shawn incessantly. Shawn has always had a soft spot for Lindsay, even after everything she has pulled. She hates to see her suffering.”

It’s still unclear whether Lindsay made it to the rehab facility on time and by the deadline this past Thursday, but only time will tell.

Always finding a loophole, Lindsay.