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Move over Sweet Brown, Charles Ramsey is in town. Cleveland, Ohio resident Charles Ramsey is being crowned a hometown hero when he rescued missing teenagers Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus from a kidnapping case that made headlines a whopping 10 years ago. 

The two young women, along with other victims have been missing for an entire decade, and a McDonald’s-eating, BBQ-loving, Afro mullet-sporting Charles Ramsey saved their lives. 

All of which, makes Charles Ramsey the most epic hero in history. 

Despite Charles Ramsey’s obvious quirks and colorful personality, he should be celebrated for his unbridled courage and heroism. 

Check out the 13 reasons why Charles Ramsey is the most hilariously epic hero in history below!

1. This Afro mullet has to possess super powers. 

2. Here, have a second look at his Afro mullet from the right side. 

3. McDonald’s of ALL places is his superhero fuel. 

4. He kicks down doors without breaking a sweat.

5. Despite being a superhero, he still calls 9-1-1. 

6. He refers to the suspect’s criminal activity as having “big testicles.”

7. He fact checks. (Shout out to Detective Cook) 

8. He eats ribs and listens to salsa music like most Americans. 

9. His dead giveaway that Amanda Berry was in danger was that she was a “pretty little white girl” and she “ran into a black man’s arms.” 

10. He accidentally hangs out with the enemy.

11. It is now a FACT that a “pretty little white girl” has to either be “homeless” or “got problems” to rely on a black man. 

12. He uses Ebonics and The King’s English interchangeably. 

13. After saving lives..a simple thumbs up sums up a hard day’s work.