Ever the shock value queen, Joan Rivers finally met her limit during a taping of the Today show when she mocked the victims of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro. While discussing her living arrangements with daughter Melissa, Rivers quipped: “Those women in the basement in Cleveland had more space.” If you recall, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus […]

A New York man and a young child have died after jumping from a building on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Police believe that 35-year-old Dmitriy Kanarikov jumped with his 3-year-old son from the 52-story building on Sunday after an alleged custody battle with his mother. By the time help arrived on the scene, the […]

Charles Ramsey, who millions of people have hailed a hero for the rescue of the three women held in Ariel Castro‘s home for a decade, now claims that he has no money and no place to live. Ramsey says that he got fired from his job working in a kitchen because people were constantly coming […]

It looks like saving lives is really paying off for Charles Ramsey. The Cleveland hero who became an overnight sensation, after he helped Amanda Berry and two others escape from their kidnapper has signed with Bruce Merrin’s Celebrity Speakers and Entertainment Bureau. Ramsey and his fab do, could potentially be in a city or town […]

Despite the fact that he likes Big Macs, Charles Ramsey has no plans to take endorsement deals for free burgers from restaurant. According to his attorney, he released a statement responding to those who offered him free burgers for life after finding out he put a Big Mac aside to save the 3 kidnapped Cleveland […]

Da da da da daaaaa…we’re sure Charles Ramsey is NOT loving this… After he gave them a major shout-out in his now infamous interview after saving kidnapping victim Amanda Berry, it’s been revealed that McDonald’s hasn’t lived up to its promise to reward the hero. While he’s guaranteed free burgers for the rest of his life […]

Oscar award winner Monique isn’t afraid to let the world know she loves herself some Charles Ramsey.  In fact, she loves him so much that she’s going to fix his hair situation! But no word on if she plans to get a tattoo of his face on her body just yet. In an interview with […]

Earlier today, Mo’Nique said she was going to get Charles Ramsey a haircut when she stopped by Cleveland.  Considering we sure do know black folks have a thing about hair, we thought we’d take the initiative and do a little homework for the man who saved Amanda Berry. So we decided to suggest 10 different hairstyles that […]

Cleveland’s own Charles Ramsey has touched the hearts of many after his heroic rescue of Amanda Berry last week. But, apparently, he also touched some other body parts. Don’t be gross. We’re talking about a leg. A tattoo on a leg to be exact. According to Fox 8: A local artist was so impressed, he made […]

Redemption. What does it really mean in this funny thing called life? For many, redemption holds a different meaning and purpose – a meaning or purpose that may only offer a once in a lifetime opportunity of moral salvation. And for Charles Ramsey, the time for redemption arrived on May 6, 2013. The news broke […]

UPDATE: 4:00 PM EST To celebrate Charles Ramsey’s redemption, check out this dope autotune record, “Dead Giveaway,” created by the same guys that brought you Antoine Dodson’s hit record, “Homeboy.” You knew it was coming… —— This is truly Charles Ramsey’s redemption story. After news broke yesterday that Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey was involved in […]

God bless Charles Ramsey.  By now, the whole world knows and loves Charles Ramsey for his heroism and his colorful personality.  There are so many things we love about this guy and we think he deserves a little more recognition.  Early this morning, political commentator Bill Maher, tweeted a very good observation:  We here at GlobalGrind […]