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God bless Charles Ramsey

By now, the whole world knows and loves Charles Ramsey for his heroism and his colorful personality. 

There are so many things we love about this guy and we think he deserves a little more recognition. 

Early this morning, political commentator Bill Maher, tweeted a very good observation: 

We here at GlobalGrind couldn’t agree more.

If NBA player Jason Collins received a supportive phone call from the President for having the courage to come out as the first active gay NBA player, then President Obama should give Charles Ramsey a call for having the courage to not turn his back on three women in need. 

Plus, Charles’ interview with Anderson Cooper confirms what we always believed, Charles Ramsey is a great guy. 

So, we came up with 13 great reasons why President Obama should call him. 

While we love Charles, we also want to lend our support and prayers to the victims, Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight, as well as their families. 

And when they’re ready to talk, President Obama should give them a call, too. 

But for now, check out the 13 reasons why President Obama should call Charles Ramsey…  

1. He keeps it humble and doesn’t consider himself a hero. 

2. He’s making a difference on the world’s carbon footprint by riding a bike. 

3. He’s a God-fearing man. 

4. And he’s a proud American. 

5. He’s a hardworker…and proudly employed. 

6. He genuinely wishes he could have saved Amanda, Gina, and Michelle last year.

7. He’s the best storyteller ever. Just imagine what he’s like on the phone? 

8. He’s been losing sleep over this tragic case. 

9. He knows that America would be a better place if we all had bigger “cajones.” 

10. He doesn’t want an award. 

11. He can provide insight to President Obama over the declining postal industry…obviously from first hand experience. 

12. Like most of us, he wishes he could get his hands on Ariel Castro. 

13. Because he gives Anderson Cooper the same hand shake he would give his homies.