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This is not a joke. 

New York Magazine had a bevy of tricks up their sleeve to celebrate the 2013 punk themed Met Gala, but as things go in the world of print, headlines changed, and when a mass manhunt is underway and the entire city of Boston is on lockdown, no one was concerned with Anna Wintour’s pseudo septum piercing. But now that the manhunt is over, we are totally concerned with Anna Wintour’s pseudo septum piercing. 

The magazine posted the image with a short post that read: 

Late last month, New York considered a cover for a series of stories related to the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit, which focuses on punk this year. Then the Boston Marathon bombings and ensuing manhunt happened, and the magazine switched to a related image. Now, as we look forward to socialites in safety pins, leather, and who knows what else at the Met’s gala tonight, here’s a look at one of the covers that was originally under consideration: Anna Wintour as a punk, illustrated by Darrow.

There are so many levels on which we adore this cover art! Now, if only Anna would have added these accessories to her floral Chanel dress (yawn) for the red carpet. 

What do you think of the cover?