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In Florida’s Duval County, a 14-year-old student mercilessly beat another student so bad, she left her skull fractured.

But when a judge tried to ban the girl from all county schools, deeming her a “threat to all students,” the Duval County Public School District stepped in.

The School District in Florida says Circuit Court Judge Henry Davis cannot ban a 14-year-old girl from every public school in the county, even if Davis says the student poses a serious danger to others, CBS News reports.

Huh!? The beating, which occurred in March, was so bad that eighth grader, Aria Jewett, had to be hospitalized. According to First Coast News, the membranes surrounding her brain had torn, and cerebrospinal fluid was leaking, after what Jewett now calls an ambush.

Jewett also says her attacker lured her off campus, slammed her head against a stone wall, and pinned her on the ground while repeatedly throwing blows to her head. Thirty other students watched the assault and some caught the attack on their cell phones, which can be seen above.

The 14-year-old student was subsequently charged with aggravated assault, but Judge Davis’ injunction to have the girl banned from all schools was appealed. It’s not clear who will let the student into their school, but the student’s lawyer said the goal is to get her back into school, any way possible.

Oh nah, that injunction needs to be put back in place, this girl is out of control! Do you think she should be expelled from all nearby schools?

SOURCE: HuffPost