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The Williams sisters have always been known for the way they put their enviable bodies to work on the tennis court, in addition to their forte into the fashion world, but one thing we didn’t know is just how deep into nail art Serena Williams was! 

The younger sister of the pair has sported some serious designs at Wimbledon matches, but rather than pay people to do her nails, she wants people to pay her to get theirs done. 

That’s right, Serena Williams wants to open up her own nail salon…and have a reality TV show to go with it. Sounds like a solid plan to us. 

The plans were revealed via the Venus and Serena documentary filmmaker Michelle Major, who sat down with Buzzfeed for an interview. 

[Serena] is very into nail art.

She does nail art. During Grand Slams, to sooth herself, she’ll sit there with her assistant and physiotherapist and her assistant is just doing their nails. Serena’s teaching them how to do nails — she’s taking courses. She’s gearing up to open her own salon. She’s been talking about this for a while — I think she got distracted because of her illness in 2011.

Where would it be?

It could be in L.A. She talks about having a reality TV show where she has a salon and she oversees the whole thing.

Like Tabatha Takes Over, but with Serena?

I know she’s been studying cosmetology. But she still goes to get her nails done. She goes to the strip mall and she says, “There’s this one person who does nails here who I really, really like.”

As if that wasn’t enough to digest, Michelle also admits that Serena is practically besties with Vogue EIC Anna Wintour.

At one point I was on the court, and we were filming with Serena and I was like, who are you texting? And she’s like, I’m texting with Anna!

They’re actually friends — they’re not just doing photo ops. They actually like each other and respect each other. Anna’s a huge tennis fan, as I’m sure you know. I think there’s mutual admiration there for their individual greatness.

Maybe Anna will be the first customer at the salon’s opening. 

We should have known this was coming based off the blog that Serena wrote for GlobalGrind back in 2010!


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