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German officials gave Justin Bieber 24 hours to contact them regarding the fate of our favorite furry little Belieber and unfortunately, it doesn’t look good. 

OG Mally, Bieber’s 20-week-old Capuchin monkey, has been quarantined in a Munich animal shelter since April. Justin attempted to bring the animal into the country with him, but lacked proper documentation for his new pet. J-Biebs left the monkey in animal-jail and continued partying and touring his way through Europe. The shelter gave Justin the opportunity to retrieve the monkey or he’d be shipped off to a German zoo.

According to the Associated Press, representatives of the young pop star have been in contact with OG’s keepers and unfortunately, it looks like Justin’s over it. An official decision will not be made until authorities hear from the young singer.

Regardless of what he decides to do, Bieber will have to foot the bill for OG Mally’s extended stay in the shelter and it won’t be cheap. A two-month stay in the German shelter could cost thousands.

Couldn’t you have just gotten a puppy, Bieber?!