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The state medical examiner’s office revised the death toll from Oklahoma tornado to at least 24.



Officials have confirmed 91 fatalities in the aftermath of the Moore, OK., tornadoes. Twenty of those who died were children from Plaza Towers Elementary School. About 101 people have been rescued from the rubble.



The medical examiner’s office now says there are at least 51 fatalities after tornado in Oklahoma. Fatalities have also been confirmed at Plaza Towers Elementary School, however, no details were given.


It’s being called the “biggest destruction from a storm in the history of the world” and the photos coming out of Moore, Oklahoma are proving that the F5 tornado that hit is living up to this statement.

It formed fast, at one point, it reached 2 and a half miles wide. And, tragically, it destroyed everything in it’s path.

Now, Moore, a suburb of Oklahoma City is completely crippled and the national guard has been called in the aftermath of the destruction. A woman, a man and a child were killed at a local 7-Eleven store and at least 19 are reported injured at this point. Initial reports confirm that there are 10 fatalities in the wake of the storm.

Two elementary schools were completely leveled by the storm, leaving 15 students trapped under debris. But the devastation didn’t just stop at the residents; a local farm lost most of their livestock and horses.

Here are some of the unbelievable and heartbreaking photos coming out of Moore, OK.

The super storm forms in the suburb of Oklahoma City.

Another photograph of the tornado in its early stages.

And then… the destruction:

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