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It is here. 

After months of gorging on holiday food, followed by long sessions in the gym getting our summer bodies up to par, the unofficial start of summer is here…and do you know what that means? Bathing suits. 

While the word may have been equated with cruel and unusual punishment in the past, it doesn’t have to be that way this time around. With a plethora of new swimsuit trends hitting the market, our options are no longer those that range drastically from the frumpy black one piece to the too-tiny triangle bikini. Alas, you can slip on something that is as cute as your everyday attire, accessorize accordingly and head to your body of water of choice with unparalleled confidence! Our only question is…what took so damn long? 

Take a look at some swimsuit trends we are loving below. 


The cutaway swimsuits are like the elastic versions of prom dresses that defied all of the high school dress codes known to man, minus all the extra fabric. And no stiff hair sprayed curls are needed. This style is a sexy revamp on the classic all coverage one-piece suit that meets somewhere between sexy and classy. Don’t be fooled though, these styles produce some…interesting tan lines, so refrain from too much laying out in them.



OK, so you didn’t make it to the gym as often as you would have liked, we aren’t judging, but that is no excuse not to be styling while catching some rays. The one pieces have been uplifted from body suits to well-constructed pieces of art, with punchy prints to match. Grab your sun hat and slip into one of these designs; they’re practically fool proof. 



This is one of our absolute favorite trends when it comes to swimwear this season. Whether you’re battling a little muffin-top, or are slim and sexy, the high waist bikini works for just about every body type, while giving a retro twist to swimwear. Scared to let go of your Brazilian cut bikini bottoms? Get a little cheeky in the high waist bottom by buying them a size smaller. 

No matter what trend you choose, remember this one thing: Rock it with confidence! What trends will you be trying out near the pool or on the beach this Memorial Day Weekend? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Twitter @globalgrindstyl

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