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Fashion is a funny game and Solange plays it well. 

Trends can stem from the most ambiguous of places. From teenagers on the street to sculptures in the museum, fashion inspiration is everywhere, and many are continuously finding it in the personal style of Solange.

Solange Knowles continuously dances to the beat of her own band. And with a sound, aesthetic and lifestyle all her own, it’s hard not to pay attention to the model, mommy, DJ, singer, oh, and little sister to the biggest R&B star in the world, Beyonce. But the latter is moot, because her star power needs no additive. 

Solange has mastered something not many can boast: the art of dressing just right, for every single occasion, no matter the occasion. We guess that’s a perk that comes with developing a style tailor fit to your lifestyle and personality. As the summer of Solange heats up, there is just one thing we need to note: while some of the trends have historical pasts (Janet Jackson’s Poetic Justice braids to start) Solo has played a winning hand at inspiring some serious style moments. 

Here are 6 trends you’re probably lusting after that Solange lives by. 

Box Braids

Solange makes it look so effortless to rock about an extra 10 pounds of synthetic hair on your head. She piles it high in buns, or lets it hang poolside, but it’s a look so daring even sister Beyonce had to try it out…twice. 

One Piece Bathing Suits

My favorite thing about Solange is her ability to be sexy without playing up her womanly parts and still keeping true to her style aesthetic – even when she’s out swimming. Solange famously opts for high-waist separates or printed one piece suits and never sacrifices style for the water. 

Mixing Prints

This has to be one of the things Solange it most known for. Somewhere between Brooklyn and Texas, she unlocked the much sought after secret to mixing and pairing prints to absolute perfection. From monochrome pairings to demonstrating the art of mixing large prints with small prints, or like prints with different colors, Solange is the print-matching queen. 

Feminine Pantsuits

When she isn’t rocking out in a structured dress or showing a little leg in a high split, Solange is suited up in printed pantsuits tailored to perfection. She always nails it. Always. 

Natural Hair

While she is definitely not the first, nor the last, to rock her hair exactly how it grows from her pretty little scalp, Solange’s big chop came with resounding gasps from those who “just didn’t get it” and was simultaneously met with nods acknowledging her bravery. Years later, we know our girl loves her hair as big as she wants it, as weaved as she wants it, and as un-related to being a natural hair spokesperson as possible. 

Barely There Bottoms

Solange’s legs are the stems of a goddess, so why conceal ’em? The songstress has famously made red carpet appearances with barely there bottoms…and you won’t hear a peep of complaint from us about it. Even Lena Dunham followed the tunic as a dress trend once. 

All photos courtesy of Solange’s MyDamnBlog.com

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