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It’s so hard to keep up with the Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth rumors! One week they are totally in love and the next, well, they’ve reportedly called it quits.

This week Us Weekly is reporting that, according to a source, the pair are DEFINITELY done. No, really, the source literally said:

“They are definitely over.”

We’re not sure what to make of all the back and forth. Though Miley has continuously denied any and all breakup rumors, we all know what they say – there’s always a little truth to every rumor.

Liam just doesn’t really fit Miley’s steez… she’s badass, rocker, punk, spontaneous, fun, and refreshing.

We haven’t really seen much of that from him. If the reports are false, maybe it’s just a case of the world not being sure if her hunky fiance can handle what Miley’s working with? 

SOURCE: UsWeekly || Photo Credit: WENN

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