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Let me start out by saying this: There is NO comparison to Spelman College in the HBCU community, nor is there any solid undergraduate comparison to the illustrious women who attend the institution. Academically, we’ve been #1 for half a decade now.

Where is our competition?

Spelman women stand for social change – we’re bold, bright, beautiful LADIES who fight back in the face of sexism and racism, and who compete with the best of them in every field, every day.


Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple, attended Spelman. Keshia Knight Pulliam, from The Cosby Show, attended Spelman. Bernice King, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s youngest child, attended Spelman. Esther Rolle, the leading lady in Good Times, attended Spelman. Kimberly Davis, President of JP Morgan Chase Foundation, attended Spelman.

Need I name more? … Because I can. Doctors, lawyers, actors, teachers … all people effecting change for black people and black women all over the world, every day.

Howard University may have some gorgeous hip-hop women, but the illustrious institution that is Spelman College has gorgeous women that the world will never – can never – forget.

My college taught me things about being a woman of color that I could never have learned anywhere else and for that I am forever indebted. When one Spelmanite is down, we all are, and that’s a bond I’ve never come across before. For that sisterhood and security, I am forever grateful.

“But those Spelman b*tches think they’re better than everybody” – Oh please, it’s called standards, doll. You’ll never walk onto Spelman’s campus and see us walking in the grass. The rule is: “A Spelman woman does NOT cut corners.” It’s just the cloth we’re cut from – no slacking off. We believe that women have a lot to offer and we take ourselves, our careers, and our sisterhood very seriously with the hopes of pushing one another toward greatness.

Sorry, but being “Hip Hop’s Favorite University” just isn’t on our “to achieve” lists. Still, congrats Howard – you definitely got that one! HBCU-wise, we may not be the crunkest of them all but the stats and the Morehouse men don’t lie – Spelman women are the most intelligent and fairest of them all.

I can hear my sisters chanting now: “Oh, don’t you wish you were a Spelmanite like me?!” Yes you do, and that’s understandable. We’ve been on top, sitting pretty for a while now. Tell me Howard, when are you going to stop talking and actually knock us off of our pedestal?!


Sukii Prettyy

Twitter: @SukiiPrettyy